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Tina Chau is my Maid of Honor. We've been best friends since middle school, although we've known each other since elementary school. I remember one day when we were in middle school, Tina and I were hanging out at a park and a boy came by on a bike and began bullying us. He ended up picking on me, and Tina came to the rescue. First, she threatened to throw nachos at him, gooey cheese and all. When that didn't work, she grabbed his bike and threatened to ride off in it if he didn't leave me alone. And just like that, she's had my back ever since.

Tina's job has taken her to some far-off locales; she spent 2 years in Saipan. And just when I thought she might be coming back home, she spent another 3 years in Hawaii. Although I missed her while she was away and wished she were here for all the events and drama and gossip, I did a good job of filling her in with all the juicy details. Therefore, she hasn't really missed a thing. And every time she comes back, it's as if no time had passed - we go right back to being our good ol' selves. We've proven time and time again that no distance and no time can come between our closeness. As the mother-hen of the group, I can always trust her to give me the most straight forward, honest, and practical opinions. She is truly someone I can count on.

Bridesmaid Patricia Lee and I met during college through Tina, as they were sorority sisters. Trish Lee, who is a San Francisco wedding dress designer, and I clicked right away because we have lots in common. We've hung out regularly ever since and, consequently, have gotten very close through the years. We both enjoy dining and trying new restaurants and have similar taste in foods. We both love fashion and can talk and share about anything together. She has always been there for me when I needed her. We always get excited for each other when things happen to either one of us, just like it was our own. On Trish's last birthday celebration at Chez Papa, I was so happy and excited and hyper that night, that everyone thought that it was my birthday instead. Likewise, when I called Trish to tell her of my engagement, she felt the happiness and joy I was feeling and couldn't sleep well either. I'm glad to have her as a friend. Cheers!

Bridesmaid Stefanie Wong was my roommate while attending SF State, and we both partially worked our way through school working as cashiers at clubs. We've been through lots together: good times and bad times. We shared drinks and laughs while partying together, and we shared tears when there was boy trouble. It's been so great watching Stef mature into an adult and seeing the wonderful teacher she is today. I missed her while she was in Japan for 2 years, teaching abroad. But I'm glad she came back, and the day she got back it was though she had never left. Although we have our differences, we've always managed to stay friends ... very good friends ... to this very day and beyond.

Bridesmaid Cerena Hsieh and I met through Tina and Trish. Although we did not get to know each other at the very beginning, I'm glad I got the opportunity to get to know her more in the recent years. Cerena may seem like the shy and quiet type, but she is actually very fun and talkative. She always surprises me with a side of her I never knew she had. The Vegas trip definitely showed me the wild and spontaneous side of Cerena. I never expected that she could be so much fun! And when I told her the proposal story over brunch, she literally cried sweet tears of joy.

Bridesmaid Kristina Lin and I met through CCBA (San Mateo Church). We quickly connected and became great friends. She has the kindest heart and is a very caring and thoughtful person. Through our weekly Tuesday night dinners and taking turns hosting for our small group, our friendship has blossomed into sisterhood. We share recipes and cooking techniques with each other. Like me, she loves great food. Two of our mutual favorites are UNI and FOIE GRAS! Yum! But one of these days, I'll have to try one of her other favorites ... fried pickle!?!?! (**I guess it's a Texas thing**).

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."
Proverbs 16:24