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"you are always in the party pics!
Good work, we can start a new game:
'where's phil' kinda like where's waldo !"

- Patty Beron, founder of

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As seen in USA Today, 5/17/00 
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As seen in the San Jose Mercury News
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My birthday, early in the evening

My birthday, later in the evening

Arriving in Hawaii. You can't tell ... but everything you see there fit inside the rental SUV: 10 people + a week's worth of luggage

PartyCrew dinner in Hawaii

Group picture at party (at Ruby Skye, SF)

With Jen and Carolyn

Michelle, Kevin, Christine, Phil

Parking lot party

Dining in Chinatown 

Happy birthday Martin- have a pie or two!

Who's the loser doing jumping jacks in the corner of the restaurant?

New Years at the Embarcadero

Jane, Martin, Kelly, Chanelle

Y2K? Forgettaboutit!

Bart = no DUI

Kelly, Jane, and Hong: SWAT team groupies

Asia SF

The flier says it all

Jillian's SF, before alcohol

Jillian's SF, after alcohol

With Jasmine and Hong

Another round of drinks

Giving Martin the spanking he deserves

Messin' around on Rollerblades

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