Kaila Yu

Kaila Yu is a Taiwanese-American singer, actress, and model. She's been on the pages of Playboy, FHM, Stuff Magazine, calendars, and much more. On TV, you've seen Kaila on The Man Show, MTV, Playboy TV, Howard Stern, among others.

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Import Jams Tower event kaila yu tower records signing

kaila yu blue bikini top At IREV San Mateo (photo courtesy of Adam of SFmodel.com) 
Kaila with Strawberry of Wild 94.9 kaila yu strawberry wild 949 kaila yu with straw and ray Ruthless Ray on left of Kaila Yu
With Linda Low kaila yu with linda low kaila yu with phil yeh at kamikaze With Internet Marketing Executive Phil Yeh
Kaila Yu in eParty shirt  kaila yu with vivian from xplicit  kaila yu lounging

kaila yu at tower records again  kaila yu, phil, and jenny  kaila yu at recording studio  kaila yu with cops  kaila yu at phil's SF house

Kaila at Sonic karaoke kaila yu with phil at sonic karaoke kaila yu with one vo1ce Kaila Yu with One Vo1ce
 Peruvian Restaurant in SF kaila yu at peruvian restaurant kaila yu with jenny at dot With her friend Jenny at Dot, SF
 At Phil Yeh's Fremont apartment kaila yu at phil's fremont apt kaila yu at polly esther's At Polly Esther's nightclub with Vice President Marketing Phil Yeh

Kaila Yu Pictures at Extreme Imports, San Jose

kaila yu being photographed  kaila yu with fans  kaila yu signing autographs

kaila yu at eparty booth  kaila yu autographing  kaila yu with photographers by car

 With AsianScene's Becky kaila yu with miss becky kaila yu with zoomx Kaila Yu with the ZoomX girls

March Gas Girl - Gas Ink Magazine Spread of Kaila Yu

Kaila Yu Magazine  Kaila Yu with Phil Yeh Ad

Contact: Timothy Jang
Phil Yeh Management Group
Recording Artist Kaila Yu Releases Debut Musical Single
The Taiwanese singer who first made her name as "The Most Searched Import Model" introduces the beginning of many musical projects to come
Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2002 - Kaila Yu, a Taiwan-born singer with a strong following in the Asian American and Can-Asian communities, recently releases her first single, "Our Last Night." 

The single includes two tracks: "Our Last Night," an upbeat pop song, and "Don't Say Goodbye" a sweet ballad, both of which were written by Bruno Talledo and Kaila Yu and produced by Bruno Talledo. The single is being released under the Sonic Gizmo record label, a label founded in 2001 by Bruno Talledo and Elaine Yang with a mission to create innovative music for artists who have a talent and passion for music. 

View front of CD: 
Kaila Yu- Artist Biography

Kaila Yu was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to California when she was three years old. She has always loved being on stage and feels most at home while performing. Kaila began actively pursuing singing and modeling when she started attending UCLA. Although she learned the some hard lessons early in her career, she has since pulled herself through and has worked full time as a model for the last few years while busy developing herself as a vocal sensation. For more information about Kaila Yu, please visit her official website at http://www.kailapop.com or contact Timothy Jang at tim.jang@philyeh.com

Kaila Yu at Club Platinum | Kaila Yu and Friends at IREV Carshow


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