Grappling X Tournament  -  09.19.09

Grappling X

This gi and no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament was held at Frank Shamrock MMA in Milpitas, CA (271 Houret Drive). Phil Yeh competed in both the 150-lb and 160-lb divisions. Phil's official weight at weigh-ins (10am September 18) was 143.0 lbs.

Videos are below. Detailed results from Phil's fights are at the bottom. Additional videos of other Peninsula Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Carley Gracie fighters can be found HERE.

Gi fights were 5-minute rounds. No-gi fights were 4-minute rounds. If tied at the end of the round, there is one minute of overtime. After the overtime, the fight goes immediately into sudden death, where the first person to score wins the fight.

150-lb Gi Bracket, First Fight
150-lb Gi Bracket, Second Fight

150-lb Gi Bracket, Third Fight
160-lb No-Gi Bracket, First Fight
160-lb No-Gi Bracket, Second Fight

Tournament Results:

Date Event City Weight
9/19/09 Grappling X - Gi Milpitas <150.0 143.0 1st Place (3 Wins, 0 Losses)
Wins: Kimura from lockdown (vs. Daniel Ho), collar choke from side mount (vs. Schyler Sootho of David Terry), kimura from guard
9/19/09 Grappling X - No-Gi Milpitas <160.0 143.0 3rd Place (1 Loss, 1 Win)
Loss: Kimura from inside lockdown (vs. Tyler Sassen)
Win: Ankle lock

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