Cherie Roberts

You've reached Robert Quindag's fantasy photo shoot with the stunning and exquisite Cherie Roberts. OK, you're probably thinking to yourself: "Who the frick is this Robert person!?!?" Well, for starters he's one lucky guy to be involved in such a project. And if you're wondering how he got himself involved in such a project, let's just say that Robert's crafty with numbers. Confused? Marketing executive Phil Yeh has the answer to this and more. Feel free to drop him a line, after you take a look at the pics of course.

Before his photo shoot with Cherie Roberts, Robert's only claim to fame was being the cousin of DJ Q-Bert (Invisibl Skratch Piklz, 1995-2000). He can now say he had the prestigious honor of being Cherie Roberts's co-model. Now go enjoy the pictures. Cherie Roberts is waiting for you!



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Cherie Roberts looking down Cherie Roberts leaning Cherie Roberts look into eye Cherie Roberts look behind Cherie Roberts bikini
Cherie Roberts on couch Cherie Roberts head in lap Cherie Roberts underwear
Cherie Roberts cheek to cheek Cherie Roberts thong Cherie Roberts topless Cherie Roberts lingerie

Behind the Scenes with Cherie Roberts and RobQ:
Cherie Roberts grabbing Behind Scenes Cherie Roberts leaning Behind Scenes Cherie Roberts Standing
Behind Scenes Cherie Roberts topless Cherie Roberts at lunch Cherie Roberts and RobQ eating

June Gas Girl - Gas Ink Magazine Photo Spread of Cherie Roberts
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